Fresh Baked Bread

Quality And Tradition

Our products are highly Nutritional with the lowest number of calories per bun/roll.


The ingredients are mixed until the dough becomes stretchy. All ingredients are fully mixed in the development of the Gluten.


In our traditional method all of our dough’s are fermented (Put to bed). The longer the fermentation the fuller flavor and longer shelf live the product will have.

Scaling, Dividing & Rounding

The dough is cut in different weight, molded and shaped according to product.


Product is now placed in a proofing box with temperature range from 100-110 F degree and humidity in the 70 to 80%. This will promote dough flow, and product formation.


Once the product is full formatted it is baked at 400-425 F degree. Product is baked until golden brown.

Cooling & Packing

Once the product is baked it cools for at least 20-30 minutes and it is packed instantly to preserve its freshness and taste. Our products are coded and display the required ingredients and nutritional information.

Ingredients ready to be blended

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Mixing of Ingredients

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Finishing Mixing our Dough

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Fermenting the Dough

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Dough being Divided in Perfect Dough Balls

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Multi Grain Bread Ready to Bake

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Ciabatta Squares Ready to Bake

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Cooling the Baked Ciabatta Square

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Cooling the Multi Grain Bread

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Packaged and Ready for Sale

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